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What’s new in EZCAM V2015

3D Roughing uses UltraHSM and Auto Refinishing, Spiral pocketing continous toolpath, more...

  1. 3D Wizard Roughing – Z step smoothing

    Pocketing and Zig-Zag types of Roughing methods of the 3D-Wizard can now automatically create refinishing Z step passes between two consecutive roughing levels to reduce the resulting steps along the part wall. If “Step Finish” parameter in “Z-Data” section is defined, then these methods use “Step-Z” to calculate the roughing levels each of which is followed by refinishing passes calculated using “Step Finish” parameter. As a result, the remaining steps along the part surface are much smaller, leaving less material to be removed by subsequent finishing operations.

  2. Pocketing with continuous Stepover

    The 2,5D Pocketing cycle now includes the new “Helical” option (see “Cycle Data” tab) to create a helical continuous toolpath, completely avoiding any direct plunge into the material. Below you can see two examples of basic pocket profiles demonstrating nicely the new helical toolpath strategy.

  3. Constant-Z & Equidistant helical step method

    The 3D wizards “Equidistant” and “Constant-Z” finishing methods also provide the new “Helical” step type to create a continuous toolpath which improves surface quality by avoiding marks created by direct step-over moves between finishing passes.

  4. Constant-Z Finishing – Checksurface Support

    The 3D wizards “Constant-Z” finishing method now supports check surfaces which can be selected to define a machining boundary. The toolpath will then automatically start at the open edge if selected cut surfaces are not closed. In addition, with “Step” type set to “Linear”, one can use the “Plunge Options” to apply any combination of linear or arc ramp moves. The machining direction can be controlled via the “Climb Milling” option.

  5. STL Export

    Surfaces can now be exported as STL file.




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